Plato DVD Ripper


Compress your DVDs up to a 10%


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Do you want o backup your DVDs but you think they are too long files?

Plato DVD Ripper is a very easy-to-use software which will allow us to backup our DVDs in other file formats which weight much less, such as, AVI, MPEG, SVCD, etc.

Housed in simple and intuitive interface, Plato DVD Ripper is the solution for our DVD backups, because it doesn't matter if we are novice users, it's so simple that you will not need more than 5 minutes to know what you have to do.

Plato DVD Ripper can compress the original files maintaining the image and sound quality, but with a big difference: It will be a 10%.

This trial version only compress the 20% from the original DVD.

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